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Symbium 40 Bowl
Aquaponic garden shaped as a bowl of 6 L.

Features : low power consumption
Made in France
Guarantee : 1 year

Size : 50 x 30 x 30 cm

99 €
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Compose your symbium and make it a unique object, with these 7 colours of pot and these 3 shapes of aquarium. The bowl shaped aquarium contain 6 L of water, ideal for a betta, a goldfish ou few guppys. You can also add decorations from our range of products.

Do not forget to add a heater if you choose tropical fish !

Download here our user instructions for the Symbium 40.

The Symbium 40 is an innovative ecosystem composed of an aquarium and a plant tray connected together for a simplify use. This ecosystem use a technique based on aquaponic gardening. Based on a natural symbiosis between plants and fishs. The Symbium 40 transform the waste rejected by the fish into natural fertilizer for the plants thanks to a specific microbiological process.

A pump collect the water from the aquarium, soiled by the fish, all the way to the plants tray. Good microorganism transform the fish's excretion into absorbent nutrients for the plants. While absorbing these nutrients, the plants will filter the water which is reused for the aquarium.

Thanks to this process, you wont need to water your plants or use chemical fertilizer and your water is automatically cleaned.

The quality and the resistance of our product is guarantee by the quality of the materials used for the manufacture of our Symbium 40. The Symbium 40 can easily be put in an indoor space. It is decorative and needs very lit
tle maintenance. Put it in a very illuminated space, your kitchen or your office and enjoy !