UrbanLeaf Collectivités,
conçoit vos projets d’agriculture urbaine

UrbanLeaf designs your urban agricultural projects and proposes urban vegetable gardens from 20 m2 to several hundred square metres.
Plentiful, local, high-quality food production
Job creation
Reduction of greenhouse gases and waste
Conservation of natural resources and biodiversity
Creation of social bonds and welfare
Enhancement of local area
Teaching aid
Aquaponics and urban farming
Aquaponics and urban farming
Aquaponics and urban farming

Our systems are suitable for every project: on the ground, rooftops, or on water

Turnkey: UrbanLeaf accompanies you throughout your projects, from the technical design of the system to its installation and maintenance 

Our research and development team’s sound scientific knowledge enables us to optimize the workings of our ecosystems so they fit ideally into the urban environment and are rights for users, fish and plants

"UrbanLeaf is one of the first firms in France to develop this concept of aquaponics and we are proud to be supporting them. We are particularly alert to the potential for job creation and social inclusion that the development of urban agriculture brings. UrbanLeaf aquaponic vegetable gardens are an excellent way to enhance a local area and contribute to the well-being of communities".

Benoît Bordat, Community Councillor delegate for suburban agriculture, Greater Dijon Council