UrbanLeaf Home
Aquaponics combining leisure, ecology and design

UrbanLeaf designs indoor aquaponic gardens with the UrbanLeaf Home range.
Modern and versatile design
Trouble-free thanks to plant-fish symbiosis 
No constraint thanks to a remotely controlled smart system 
Low-maintenance freshwater fish
A relaxing and educational leisure activity for all
A smaller ecological footprint 
A wide variety of suitable plants: aromatic herbs, salad greens and fruit, no watering or chemical fertilizers needed
Aquaponics indoor gardens
Aquaponics indoor gardens
Our aim is to provide you with a turnkey system that is as simple as can be to use, requiring no watering and little cleaning. 
We are currently developing an application for remotely controlling UrbanLeaf indoor aquaponic gardens (temperature and pH). The application can also feed the fish remotely and check the system is working properly via a webcam. Go on holiday without worries, UrbanLeaf looks after everything! 
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"Domestic aquaponics is a highly promising new trend combining the fun of keeping fish and of gardening. It is just right for people who don’t have much room at home and little time for looking after their plants or fish".

Joël Piard, Head of the Pets Department, Botanic Quetigny